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How often are alerts sent out ?

It is now 2015, our alerts will significantly decrease because now we will teach you how to find your own stocks and provide you the resources to do so. Performance of a stock may vary depending on market conditions. We update our weekly watch list with a few stocks each week.

Do you give entry and exit points?

We can help you to find support and resistance levels. This will assist in your decision on when you may need to sell your position.

What brokers are best to use ?

E-Trade is the best penny stock broker and top broker for all financial instruments. Their trades may be a little more than others (7.99) but you will have access to L2 for free and their professional Etrade Pro

Will I learn how to trade from your membership ?

Learning to trade comes mostly from experience and unfortunately losing money can teach you as well. Our Forums , Chats and other members communicate actively throughout the day to answer on going issues , we will do our best to answer any questions and concerns. We also have a virtual stock simulator game for you to practice using digital fake money. Read our "Trading 101" area , to get a basic understanding of what you should be considering before going

What is PennyChats?

Penny Chats is a network of traders, normally trading minimal price equities for large percentage gains. We converse and exchange trades of all markets and believe that understanding all financial instruments as a whole will massively contribute to a traders success. When you enter PennyChats expect a warm greeting by knowledgeable traders, who range from 20-70 years old. The wisdom within our site is what builds our brands credibility and integrity.